Once upon a time before the year 1930

In a faraway land called Ambo Town, there was a cow living with her owner. The cow spent her time exploring different things around the town. Her owner knew about this behavior so he always kept an eye on her so that he did not lose her.

One afternoon, the cow was getting bored at her shed and decided to go for a walk. She found a forest as she was walking and walked deeper and deeper into the forest. Then she found a mysterious spring and went closer to drink from it.

In the meantime, the cow’s owner realized that his cow was out of her shed. He went out to search for her by tracking her hoof prints. After a long search, her tracks led him to the unique spring. He found the cow drinking from the spring and he never saw the cow as happy as that day. He realized that there was something special about the water and named it ‘blessed water’. The word spread and people started coming to the spring and saw a medicinal effect on their body whenever they drank the water. Every day they would go to the spring and fill their water buckets and share the water with their families. The news spread and people from other cities arrived by donkey and horse to visit the incredible spring that cured them from stomach problems and ailments.


With the desire to share the naturally carbonated water from the core of the spring to all Ethiopians, our journey began in 1930. Lij Teferi Sharew established the company to make this needed mineral water accessible to all. After a while, the company was expropriated by the former Ethiopian government led by Emperor Haile Selassie around the year of 1963. Initially, the facility was built in the middle of Ambo city. But as it started growing, the plant was relocated in 1970 to Senkele – a town 5 km outside of Ambo City. During that time the production capacity of the facility was 27 million liters per year.

The iconic Ambo tree was incorporated in the brand image because it was found at the back of the factory. The tree started to be a symbol of the company and continued to be like that.


In the early 1990s, the facility was expanded by a company called Rivi Engineering which modernized the plant equipment. Another product line similar to Ambo mineral water with less carbonation was developed. But since the market was a fond of the carbonation, the new product did not remain in the market.

2009- 2017

Ambo Mineral Water S.C. was privatized and partly purchased by SAB Miller and a prominent Ethiopian entrepreneur named Tewodros Ashenafi. SAB Miller analyzed all aspects of the business and did a significant amount of planning for the better good of the company. It improved the whole operations of the company and have worked to enhance production and human resource management. SAB Miller adopted efficient and cost effective systems throughout the company. Training and skill development became an integral part of the company.

In order to give consumers more options that would cater their needs, new products were launched including Ambo &, Ambo Lite and Jiva. Ambo & is available in 3 different flavors: lemon-lime, apple and pineapple. The company has also introduced plastic bottle packaging with 500ml and 1 liter sizes. The production facility can produce 34,000 bottles per hour.

The company was purchased by Coca-Cola Beverages Africa in 2017.

Since the inception 87 years ago, the company have been growing with its loyal customers and partners.